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From the beginning, the philosophy of restaurant Roberto has remained the same: to discover and make known the culinary excellence of the Italian peninsula, one of the richest and most abundant food regions in the world.


Restaurant Roberto’s cooking is entirely homemade. The know-how inherited from ancient family traditions is reflected in every dish. For example, the fresh pasta is prepared by hand, and the risotto ingredients are still exactly the same, starting with the beef broth, saffron pistils, and the parmigiano reggiano. The desserts are all homemade and so too are the ice cream and sorbets.

Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, risotto from the Po plains, dry flavoured tomato from Sicily, olive oil from Tuscany, culatello from Zibello, pasta di Gragnano, and, a culinary diamond, the white truffle of Alba.

Not to mention the wines, which span the entire country from Piedmont to Calabria, Sardinia to Sicily, each with its own special tone and flavour, all quintessentially Italian.

There are so many wonders of Italian cuisine or should we say many different varieties of Italian cuisine. Each region has its own typical dishes, know-how and provenance, all so very different. We aim to present each one seasonally, allowing you to discover Italy’s many fascinating varieties.